Monday, September 20, 2004

Flood, BC Style

After our Hurley mission, we headed into Whistler for Toby’s B-Day dinner. That’s when the rain began, and it did not stop falling till the following morning. We slept at the ultra-classic Whister Dump (a real blast from the past) and ran into Eastern Canadian Brad Sutton slumming about. After a bit of catch up we headed down the hill toward Squampton (Squamish). Every drainage we crossed was raging, some muddy brown some a pure tannic color (those flowing from untouched headwaters), color be damned, they were all high as hell.

We headed up to classic Mamquam Falls to give her a look. Here is what we found.

Here is a classic shot of the future (2010) home of the winter Olympics. The Squamus Chief in the background.

After scouting various and sundry falls around town, we headed out to run ‘Fear Canyon of the Elaho’.
As we gassed up the rental van, little did we know that it would be its last voyage with the team.

Somewhere near the Aslu River, Fred discovered we no longer had any brakes, as in NO brakes. Not exactly the vehicle you want to be driving when facing the huge logging trucks that frequent the Elaho valley. The crew was into giving her a go, but Fred made the mature decision to head her back in town.

Mid-driving-without-brakes-on-logging-road discussion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear Brad Sutton Is back out in Ontario, and is headed down to the Tennessee area to do a little bit of paddling and site seeing. Keep your eyes peeled for this Crazy Canuck on your local creek run.

And where ever this young lad head's he usually brings the rain with him so get ready for some rain fall action late this Febuary.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Rune said...

damn, nikki -- i do so think i am in love!


1:25 PM  

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