Monday, September 20, 2004

Stikine River Wrap Up

Stikine River Wrap Up

Just like Willie Kern said, “Nothing has changed, but everything is different”.

Our trip down the river was an absolute success. We had a blast, visited one of the most beautiful, daunting and formidable places on earth, and made it out the other side to tell the tale. Our level was around 8-9,000 cfs, on the low side for sure. We all are currently having nightmares of returning to the Stikine ‘con agua’. Somewhere around 15,000 cfs that place will just go off, and we can’t wait to be in there.

The drive was epic, both ways, but worth it all. The put-in town, Dease Lake, was a real experience to visit, seeing how the people live up in the far north (i.e. 90% of the town is drunk by 6pm and the hep is rampant). Twin Peaks-esque for sure.

Every one of us, in their own way and time, recognized how lucky and fortunate we were to share such a special place, hoping to keep the memories alive forever.

We are all real proud to have been there with Nikki, during the first female descent of the Stikine, but in the end it was just another trip for the girl.

She said it best, “I don’t really feel like it was an individual accomplishment. We came here as a team and that is how we got down the river.” Modest as always, her actions speak all that needs to be heard.

The formidable Ms. Nikki Kelly, post head wound from Polk Deters’ inner van cabinet, sustained while asleep and riding down a very rough road.

photo by John Grace


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this up. Really enjoyed it. You seem to have had warmer weather than when I tried to solo it last October(not surprising really- you didn't go in October!) The Canyon is such a fantastic place and one of the special places in my world, it reminded a lot of the Siberian and Mongolian runs I did in the mid 90's
Thanks again, nice pics too


10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Born and raised in Wrangell, Alaska -- the gateway to the mighty Stikine -- I witnessed some pretty crazy things "up river." None of which were as "WILD!!!" as your "Stikine River Wrap Up" kayaking pictures. You guys kick ass!

4:17 PM  

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